Whether it floats or flies, we understand marine craft and aviation can be treasured investments both financially and emotionally, and we’re dedicated to securing the right level of protection to suit your needs. 

The marine and aviation industry is one of fast moving technological change and our clients’ needs change with it. There is always an additional amount of jeopardy to manage on the water or in the air, but we look to cover all risks.

Key policy features regularly include cover for public liability, passenger liability on a per seat basis and combined liability, agreed values of hulls and machinery, personal possessions onboard, medical expenses for crew and guests, protection and indemnity. Fire, theft and vandalism cover, taxiing and in-flight insurance are also available as you would expect.

We typically provide cover for small to medium sized marine crafts, from a moored canal boat to a yacht that leaves its marina to travel Europe every summer. Aircraft range from helicopters to two-seater plus light aircraft.

We’re Here To Help

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