We’re here to help coordinate and manage a claim following a loss. To efficiently reinstate your former position with the minimum of delay or fuss.

If you need assistance, we ask our clients to get in touch with us as soon as possible. 

We’ll be there from first advice to final settlement and can help to address the situation in a timely manner. 

This may extend to helping with initial claims filing and documentation to replacement estimates, valuations, the introduction to approved repairers, or in the case of vehicle insurance, recovery of the car or motorcycle from breakdown or accident and the provision of suitable courtesy cars.

With years of experience, we understand that when clients need to make a claim, it is always a priority, and we understand the importance of a prompt and dedicated service.

We have a dedicated claims line, including a 24/7 claims line for motor accidents.

To get in touch call 0203 881 8787

We’re Here To Help

If you’d like MWA Special Risks to assess yourinsurance requirements, or would like more 
information about the service we offer, then don’t hesitate to call 0203 811 8787 or email info@mwasr.com